Charles M. Cooper Library

UNU-MERIT maintains a specialised library which provides research and learning support to the staff and students of the institute. The collection is also open to users from affiliated institutes and universities, as well as the wider UNU research community.

The library was named after the founding director of UNU-INTECH, the UNU institute which merged with MERIT to become the present UNU-MERIT, Charles M. Cooper.

The collection focuses primarily on the socio-economic aspects of technological change and innovation, with a special focus on developing countries. It consists of a growing collection of more then 3000 e-Journals, several e-Libraries and a number of other essential electronic resources, as well as a monograph collection of 7000 titles and 50 journal titles in print.

The monographs, reference books and current journal volumes are to be found on the ground floor of the library building. The journal archive, serials and ‘grey’ literature are located on the first floor.

Location and Opening Hours

The Charles M. Cooper library is located in the UNU-MERIT premises, accessible via main entrance. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 13:00 and from 14:00 – 17:00.

The visiting address is:

Boschstraat 24
6211 AX Maastricht
Tel:  +31(0)43-388 44 00 / 388 44 90