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  • Israeli researchers abuzz about orgasmic fruit flies
    Male fruit flies enjoy orgasms more than alcohol - and Israeli researchers who tested the insects? addiction to pleasure hope to apply their discovery to controlling human substance abuse.

    Scientists from Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv exposed the flies to a red light that activated a protein, corazonim (CRZ), in the abdomen that triggers ejaculation. They then tested how repeated ejaculation affected the flies? desires for other pleasures, such as alcohol-spiked liquid.

    Flies that orgasmed, as opposed to a control group that had not been stimulated, shunned the alcohol, preferring to congregate in the 'red light district' because 'it feels good' there, said Shir Zer Krispil, who led the study.

    The scientists surmised that substance abuse in humans could be moderated by other rewards - not necessarily of a sexual nature - that are naturally available, such as social interaction or sports.

    Reuters / Current Biology    May 09, 2018