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I&T Weekly holiday break
I&T Weekly is taking a holiday break. We will be back on Friday, January 12, 2018 with a fresh selection of innovation and technology news. On behalf of the entire UNU-MERIT team, we wish our readers an excellent 2018!

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  • France announces landmark ban on fossil fuel production
  • Extreme laser bursts may lead to practical nuclear fusion
  • Gene editing staves off deafness in mice
  • Integrated circuits could make quantum computers scalable
  • 'Water cloak' uses electromagnetic waves to eliminate turbulence
  • Cold cigarette lighter will power satellite
  • Student invents clothes that 'grow' as babies do
    A 24-year-old graduate student has created clothes for infants that 'grow' as the child does, sparing parents from having to buy new garments every few weeks. Ryan Yasin invented the material while studying at the Royal College of Art in the UK and is now using it to launch a clothing range called Petit Pli.

    Unlike other elastic materials, it expands in perpendicular directions when stretched, meaning it can respond to a child’s body shape. Children tend to go through seven clothing sizes between the ages of six and 36 months, often outgrowing clothes within weeks of them being bought.

    Yasin's synthetic fibre uses a pleated structure that allows it to follow the Negative Poisson’s ratio, a phenomenon in which materials become fatter when stretched. He is currently talking to manufacturers about mass-producing the clothes and said they could go on sale within months.

    Daily Telegraph    September 07, 2017