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I&T Weekly holiday break
I&T Weekly is taking a holiday break. We will be back on Friday, January 12, 2018 with a fresh selection of innovation and technology news. On behalf of the entire UNU-MERIT team, we wish our readers an excellent 2018!

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  • France announces landmark ban on fossil fuel production
  • Extreme laser bursts may lead to practical nuclear fusion
  • Gene editing staves off deafness in mice
  • Integrated circuits could make quantum computers scalable
  • 'Water cloak' uses electromagnetic waves to eliminate turbulence
  • Cold cigarette lighter will power satellite
  • Tesla to build world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia
    South Australia will install the world's largest lithium ion battery in a 'historic' deal with electric car firm Tesla and energy company Neoen.

    The battery will protect the state from the kind of energy crisis which famously blacked out the state. Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed a much-publicised promise to build it within 100 days, or do it for free. The 100-megawatt (129 megawatt hour) battery should be ready this year.

    The Tesla-built battery, paired with a Neoen wind farm, will operate around the clock and be capable of providing additional power during emergencies, the government said.

    Musk's 100-day pledge will begin once an electricity grid interconnection agreement has been signed. Tesla has been expanding its battery business alongside its car production.

    South Australia has suffered from blackouts since September last year, leading to a political spat over energy policy.

    BBC News    July 07, 2017