Conceptual and policy debates on Afghan migration

Nassim Majidi, Sciences-Po

Nassim Majidi will present a set of issues being currently debated among practitioners, policymakers and researchers involved in studying the movement of populations in Afghanistan. The first issue raised is conceptual: what are the categories of migrants that we see in and out of Afghanistan today? Is there a common understanding that can lead to a consensus on the profiles and needs of these migrants? The second issue builds on the first, to look at the policy-level implications: what have been some of the successes and failures of policies targeted at controlling Afghan migration flows? The third and final issue to be discussed is a word of caution on the methodological tools used in field-based research in Afghanistan.

Venue: Kapoenstraat 2, Maastricht

Date: 15 December 2010

Time: 14:00 - 15:00  CEST