1st Charles Cooper annual memorial lecture - The Challenge of the Asian Drivers: From Industrial to Innovation Policy

Professor Raphie Kaplinsky,

This lecture draws on the work of Charles Cooper, and begins with a focus on technological change, situated in the context of the entrepreneurial quest to generate and appropriate Schumpeterian rents. In the context of declining terms of trade, this has historically been reflected in a drive to industrialise. However, the growing global presence of the Asian Driver economies (notably China and India ) and their impact on the terms of trade, challenges this commitment to industrialisation. Sustainable income growth in the contemporary global economy increasingly arises from organizational innovation, including of global value chains, global production networks and industrial clusters. This requires a change in policy focal length, away from industrialisation to a broadly conceived programme targeting embodied and organisational innovation across a range of sectors.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Maastricht

Date: 19 January 2007