The evolution of R&D alliances relevance

Julia Stradi, Université Paris 1, Paris, France

The capitalism has entered in a new phase more than ever knowledge based. The creation of value and the competitiveness of firms are now closely related to their ability to learn, thus to get more available information. Over the last two decades, important contributions on strategic alliances have shown the increasing relevance of this type of organisation in this context into exchanging information. But, since we started working on Thomson financial database on alliances, we found a decrease of the number of R&D alliances created since 1994-1995. This is questioning the relevance of this mode of organisation among others. This is why transaction cost theory as explaining the choice between these different types of organisations, can be useful on this topic. But, at the same time, it is questioning the nature of this evolution. This is why evolutionary economics can also be helpful. Many assumptions can be made: is the development of alliances transitory or is it more periodic? Is it a stop and go evolution?

Date: 02 June-00 0000