"R&D, Scale Effects and Spillovers: New Insights from Emerging Countries"

Kul Luintel, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

There has been a concomitant rise in R&D and the rate of economic growth in emerging countries. Analyzing a panel of 31 emerging countries, we find convincing evidence of scale effects which make government policies potent for long-run growth. This contrasts sharply with the well known findings of Jones (1995a). Innovations show increasing returns to knowledge stock, implying that the diminishing returns assumed by some semi-endogenous growth models might not be generalized. International R&D spillovers raise the innovation bar. The observed growth rates of emerging economies appear in transition therefore their growth rates may recede with the passage of time.

About the speaker
Kul Luintel is a Professor of Economics at Cardiff Business School and the Head of the Economics Section (Department) till September 2015. He received his MPhil (1990) and PhD (1993) from the University of Glasgow. Prior to joining academia, he was a Central Banker. Prof Luintel is an applied economist. His research is motivated by policy issues. He has published widely in journals such as The Review of Economics and Statistics, The Economic Journal, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Economica, Journal of Development Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of International Money and Finance, Economics Letters, Journal of Productivity Analysis etc. His general research interests are macro, finance and growth. Specifically, he has published in the areas of Financial Development, Financial Structure and Economic Growth; Financial Constraints, Economic Growth and the Productivity of Capital; The Dynamics of Innovation and Endogenous Growth; R&D and International Knowledge Diffusion; Fiscal Solvency; Fiscal Integration in the EU; Exchange Rates; Exogeneity of Money; Spot and Forward Market Efficiency; Fisher Relationship, and Executive Stock Options. One of his recent research focuses has been in R&D, innovation and endogenous growth. Prof Luintel has extensive managerial and leadership experience in higher education.

Venue: Conference room (room 0.16 & 0.17)

Date: 29 October 2015

Time: 12:30 - 13:30  CEST