BOP Symposium: Innovating Business Model for the BOP

Seeing the poor at the bottom of economic pyramid as value-demanding consumers rather than mere aid recipients, "BOP Business" is a new development approach to provide them with opportunities to improve their lives and achieve economic independence through the private sectors' involvement. In other words, it is a new way of doing business by creating economic benefit and social value at the same time.

In Japan, despite the efforts made by government agencies and the private sector, BOP business is yet to be widely recognized as a potential venture opportunity, leading to a limited number of successful cases to date.

Understanding the value of the untapped BOP market, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation initiated a project called "BOP Technology Innovation and Products Incubation," and conducted four feasibility studies with Japanese companies in the area of clean energy and water, aiming to identify technologies with high potential for commercialization, and to study appropriate business models for these technologies.

The symposium will invite Professor Ted London, who has been leading the discussion of BOP businesses globally, as well as corporate executives from Japanese companies, to discuss and share what has been learned from the results of these studies.

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Date: 07 October 2014

Time: 13:00 - 18:00  CEST