Africa: A Fast Growing Continent - Debate Café

Africa's economy is growing rapidly. According to the African Development Bank, one-third of Africa's countries have GDP growth rates of more than 6%.

Many new Chinese companies are investing in Africa, improving the infrastructure, but also arguably exploiting the resources.

Western aid agencies and NGOs still play an important role, but the question is whether the idea of foreign aid is still a valid concept or more of a hindrance for the development of Africa (economically or otherwise).

Will the African nations choose their own development paths, away from the former colonial powers, and implement active policies for economic transformation? And how should we interpret China’s efforts to increase its presence in Africa? Does it pose a threat to the African people or is it an opportunity for change?

The panel members include UNU-MERIT researchers Adam Szirmai, Wim Naudé and Tobias Broich.

Venue: Aula, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht

Date: 25 February 2014

Time: 20:00 - 22:00  CEST