Life Satisfaction of Turkish and Moroccan Immigrants in the Netherlands

Dr. Özge Gökdemir, SBE, Istanbul University

This project is about the role of socio-economic factors in life satisfaction of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands. The project is comprised of three stages. The first stage includes interviews with Turkish and Moroccan immigrants. At the second stage a snowball sample was used to run regressions in order to understand the impact of socioeconomic variables on life satisfaction among Turkish and Moroccan immigrants. In this stage we investigate the role of several socio-economic and non-economic factors such as absolute and relative income, education and religion to explain the differences of happiness levels of Turkish and Moroccan Immigrants in the Netherlands by using ordered logit model. The main purpose is to investigate how reference group’s self-reported life satisfaction is related to the level of absolute income; the level of relative income and other socio-economic factors. The main findings are that for Turkish sample relative income is significantly and negatively correlated with life satisfaction whereas, both absolute income (positively) and relative income (negatively) are significantly correlated with life satisfaction for Moroccan case. The proceeding stage is about a more detailed study on Turkish immigrants. We examine the impact of relative income on life satisfaction of Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands. In the seminar, these stages, methodologies and findings will be shared with the audience.

About the speaker

Venue: Boardroom

Date: 22 November 2012

Time: 12:30 - 13:30  CEST