Joint MSM-MGSOG-UNU Merit Seminar: The EU's Legislative Effort Against Climate Change

Mario Negre, External Policy Department of the of the European Parliament, Brussels

The European Parliament has passed the most advanced legislation on CC mitigation through the Energy Packaged negotatied in 2008. Now, renewed calls within the Parliament aim at 30% CO2 emmissions cuts unconditionally, regardless of what other countries do. Much of this strategy has to do with EU's energy choices for the future. In this regard, the European Commission has produced a roadmap to move into a low-carbon economy within the next decades that would allow the Union to be leader in the field thereby fostering green growth. Arguably, the Energy Package negotiated within a record time by citizens' representatives and government of the EU confers the European Parliament a world leading role in combating Climate Change and has stemmed from a wide political consensus as to how to tackle the impending threat of global warming far ahead of other leading regions like the US

About the speaker
Dr. Mario Negre is policy advisor and research administrator at the External Policy Department of the of the European Parliament. He is presently advising the EP’s President and Vice-Presidents, as well as other Members of Parliament on development, global governance and climate change. Previously he has worked at the European Parliament as Advisor to the President of the Development Committee , and has founded, led and worked in several civil society organisations mostly related to North-South economic imbalances. Trained as a physicist at the Universitat de Barcelona, he also holds an MA in Development Policies from the Universität Bremen and a PhD in Development Economics from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU New Delhi).

Venue: 4th Floor Seminar Room (Grote Gracht)

Date: 12 January 2012

Time: 12:30 - 13:30