Metech (Methodological and Technical) seminar on igraph

François Lafond, UNU-MERIT

Igraph is a network analysis package which works on R, Python and C. The seminar will cover the R-based version

Participants are strongly advised to bring their own laptop with R and, optionally, a GUI such as TinnR or Notepad++/NpptoR, already installed. Installation and the basics of R will not be covered during the seminar. More information can be found here: and here:


14.30-16.30: Introduction to igraph:
- calculating the most important metrics (e.g. centrality, clustering, etc.)
- detecting and analyzing community structure
- plot your graph
- generate random graphs

16.30-16.45: Break

16.45-18.00: Working with igraph (free exercise and Q&A based on your own dataset and problems)

Venue: UNU-MERIT conference room

Date: 01 December 2011

Time: 14:30 - 18:00  CEST