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A to Z listing

Please find below an A to Z listing of the journals and newspapers available on line via the UNU network. You can choose either the Ebsco A-Z or the alternative A-Z. However please beware that the second option has less coverage:




Results (38):

Industrial and Corporate Change
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Industry and Innovaton
Information & Management
Information and Computation
Information and Organization
Information and Software Technology
Information Economics and Policy
Information Technologies and International Development
Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice
Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
International Affairs
International Economic Review
International Journal of Educational Development
International Journal of Educational Research
International Journal of Forecasting
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics
International Journal of Industrial Organization
International Journal of Information Management
International Journal of Innovation Management
International Journal of Manpower
International Journal of Middle East Studies
International Journal of Project Management
International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development
International Journal of Technology Management
International Labour Review
International Migration Review
International Organization
International Political Science Review
International Review of Economics & Finance
International Security
International Statistical Review
International Studies Quarterly
International Studies Review
IRB: Ethics and Human Research
Issues in Science and Technology