Dr. Radhika Mia

Affiliated researcher

Radhika Mia, PhD, is CEO & Co-founder of Social Impact Africa and an associate faculty member at Da Vinci Business School teaching the course she designed on Creative Leadership. She co-creates pathways of transformation for individuals, teams and organisations through courses, programs, lectures and workshops. She is passionate about activating positive change in the world and does it through group facilitation and leading multi-stakeholder discussions around change, innovation and leadership. An authority on organisational creativity and innovation, she is passionate about life, evolution and awakening consciousness, and describes herself as a visual artist, writer and social entrepreneur. Born in India, she moved to South Africa in 2009, and recently co-founded Africa Social Impact (www.social-impact.africa), a platform in pursuit of game-changing, disruptive social innovations and business solutions to accelerate social change in disadvantaged communities of South Africa, and other countries in Africa. Her current research interest is in understanding ‘What kind of leaders and organisations do we need to solve the challenges of the 21st century?’  She has published two fiction books and is writing a third book titled -  The Unlimited Self. 

She can be reached via phone or email: 

WhatsApp: +27 -718 689 698
Email: radhika.mia@gmail.com
Website: www.social-impact.africa