Rüdiger Glott

Senior researcher

Research group(s):
7. ICT-enabled Innovation and Societal Transformations (coordinator)

Ruediger Glott is a group leader within the Collaborative Creativity Group (CCG). His research covers a number of fields that are related through a focus on open and co-creative innovation processes and strategies and is characterized by a combination of academic and industry-oriented approaches. His activities cover the following fields:
•    Technology and content creation and usage in and across companies, public administration and open innovation communities
•    eGovernment (technology development and (cross-border) transfer of technological innovations and process innovations in eGovernment, Smart Cities, public procurement)
•    Business strategies and business models for public goods (free software),
•    New co-creative approaches in the educational sector (Open Participatory Learning Ecosystems) and skills generation of individuals and institutions in informal learning environments
•    eInclusion and the use of ICT for advances in the welfare system (focus on health care and care for the elderly and the emerging “silver market”)
•    Policy and impact analysis & policy and technology roadmaps
•    Technology transfer and co-creation between developed and developing countries
•    Methodology design
•    Project acquisition
•    Project management

Selected publications by Rüdiger Glott