Eszter Timar MSc


Research group(s):
7. Social Protection

Eszter works as a researcher in the research group Social Protection, Inclusive Innovation and Development. She holds a master's degree in Public Policy and Human Development from UNU-MERIT/MGSoG, with a specialization in Social Protection Policy, and a bachelor's degree in Social Work. She joined UNU-MERIT/MGSoG in 2016, after having worked for several years in social services for children in the Hungarian public and non-profit sector. Eszter has since been involved in  several international consultancy projects, such as 'Assessment of and policy dialogue on targeting approaches and mechanisms (inclusion and exclusion errors) in existing social assistance schemes' and 'Technical assistance to conduct a study on improving the effectiveness and coverage of social assistance for children with focus on consolidation policy' for UNICEF Vietnam, 'Scoping Study on Social Protection and Safety Nets for Enhanced Food Security and Nutrition in the Central Asia Region' for the World Food Programme, 'Linking social protection in Kenya to improved productivity' for UNICEF, WFP and the Ministry of Social Protection in Kenya, and 'A Rapid Assessment of Social Protection Systems in Yemen' for UNICEF Yemen. Her research interests include the role of social work in social protection systems, child protection and social services, with a particular interest in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. 

Selected publications by Eszter Timar