Anne-Lore Fraikin

PhD fellow

Research group(s):
8. Population, Development and Labour Economics
7. Social Protection

Anne-Lore Fraikin is currently pursuing a PhD in Innovation, Economics and Governance for Development at UNU-MERIT and a PhD in Economics and Management at Liège University. She holds a MSc in Management from the University of Liège as well as a MSc in Public Policy and Human Development with a specialization in Social Protection Policy Design and Financing from UNU-MERIT/Maastricht University.

Her doctoral thesis examines the evolution of the impact of social security incentives on individual retirement decisions in single and dual earner couples in Belgium.  She works under the supervision of Pr. Dr. Alain Jousten and Dr. Alessio Brown.

She previsouly worked as a research assistant at the University of Liège and as an intern at the International Labour Organization in Manila, Philippines, where she was involved in the Assessment Based National Dialogue (ABND) that assessed the social protection system in the country.

Selected publications by Anne-Lore Fraikin