Dr. Natalia Timuş


Natalia Timus is a researcher at UNU-MERIT / School of Governance and an adjunct professor at the Middle East and Mediterranean Campus, Sciences Po, in Menton, France.

Currently she is the project coordinator of Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies (INOTLES) (managed by UNU-MERIT / School of Governance), which received an EACEA TEMPUS framework grant (1 mln. EUR) for the period 2014-2016 to promote innovative curriculum reforms in European Studies through inter-university cooperation between EU and East European universities (see www.inotles.eu ).

Natalia got her PhD (Magna cum Laude) in political science from Central European University (CEU), Budapest in June 2009. Her dissertation represents an important theoretical and empirical contribution to the study of direct and indirect mechanisms of European influence on party and party system transformations within East European Neighborhood: Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.

She has published several articles in international refereed journals (Acta Politica, East European Politics, European Integration online Papers, Perspectives on European Politics and Society) on the topics of political parties (national level and European level), EU enlargement and external governance, external democracy promotion by the Council of Europe, OSCE and the EU.

Natalia's research concentrates on EU democracy promotion, particularly towards Eastern Europe and former Soviet republics, democratic transformations and Russian influence within post-communist space, party politics and party regulations. Her current research is focused on the 'Europeanization' of party regulations in East European Neighborhood and transnational relations of East European parties with European Party Federations, particularly with European People's Party. Her long-term research project aims at examining positive and negative aspects of EU democracy promotion in Eastern Europe and Russia as a 'counterpower' to EU influence in the region.

Natalia has spent research periods at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), Mannheim, European University Institute, Florence, and Institute for European Studies, ULB, Brussels.

Natalia's areas of teaching are comparative politics, Europeanization, enlargement process, EU policy domains (expert in CFSP), Area Studies (expert in Russia). She has experience with developing and coordinating courses at the BA and MA level of European Studies programme and supervising Bachelor papers and Master theses.

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Selected publications by Natalia Timuş

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
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Timuş, Natalia, 2008, EU as an Atomic System: the Influence of European Union on its members and Outsiders, CEU Political Science Journal, 3(2): 148-167
Timuş, Natalia, 2006, The Role of Public Opinion in EU Policy-Making. The Case of EU Enlargement, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 7: 336-347

Book chapters
Timuş, Natalia, 2015, From challenge to advantage: Innovating the curriculum across geographic boundaries , in: Amber Dailey-Hebert, Kay S. Dennis (eds), Transformative Perspectives and Processes in Higher Education, Springer, Berlin, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-09247-8_8, More information
Timuş, Natalia, 2014, Internationalizing the Curriculum by Connecting Learners across Geographic Boundaries: Turning the Challenge into the Advantage, in: A. Dailey-Hebert (ed.), Reframing Higher Education: The Transformation of People, Processes, and Perspectives in the New Academy, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany
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Conference contributions
Skripka, Tatiana & Natalia Timuş, 2017, How can the EU promote sustainable development goals in its external relations?, 15th Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association, 4-6 May 2017, Miami Florida