Howard Hudson

Head of Communications

Howard Hudson runs the communications office for UNU in Maastricht. He previously worked at Amnesty International HQ, Chatham House, the European Journalism Centre, and the European Parliament.

Selected publications by Howard Hudson

McGregor, Elaine, Katrin Marchand, Melissa Siegel & Howard Hudson (eds.), 2015, Swiss Migration Partnerships: A New Tool for Bilateral Cooperation on Migration?, Policy Brief, 8
Iizuka, Michiko, Philippe Mawoko, Fred Gault & Howard Hudson (eds.), 2015, Innovation for Development in Southern and Eastern Africa: Challenges for Promoting ST&I Policy, After three decades of trial and error, innovation policy is now taking off in Africa. The African Union recently devised a new strategy called the ‘Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Strategy for Africa 2024 (STISA-2024)’ in parallel with each member country’s efforts to harness ST&I policy, 8, More information
Juzwiak, Teressa, Elaine McGregor, Melissa Siegel & Howard Hudson (eds.), 2014, Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: The Role of Cities and Businesses, This policy brief considers how businesses and governments in global cities contribute to the integration of migrant and refugee populations, either through outreach, specialized programmes, the provision of services, or targeted funding of non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and to what extent these contributions can be deepened or expanded, 8, More information
Ramani, Shyama V. , Sutapa Chattopadhyay, Ajay Thutupalli & Howard Hudson (eds.), 2013, Women in the Informal Economy: Experiments in Governance from Emerging Countries, Women entrepreneurs in the informal economy need business engagements with other women (and men) that offer ‘spaces’ for dialogue to learn and build business capabilities. While formalization of entrepreneurial activity is favourable under some circumstances, it can be detrimental under others, necessitating a case-by-case evaluation, 8, More information

Other (editorship, media appearance, keynote, etc.)
Laar, Mindel van de , Shivani Achrekar & Howard Hudson, 2016, Community of Learning for Africa (COLA): A new platform, UNU-MERIT Blog, More information
Hudson, Howard (ed.), 2015, UNU Jargon Buster app, In our interconnected world, global discussions rely on a shared understanding of key concepts. To this end, the United Nations University (UNU) has developed a glossary app — the ‘UNU Jargon Buster’ — that clarifies hundreds of social, political and economic terms. This fulfils one of the main missions of UNU: to act as a bridge between academia, UN agencies and the general public, More information
Hudson, Howard (ed.), 2015, UNU Global Goals series, During the 17 days leading up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit (25–27 September), UNU experts authored brief articles exploring the issues and realities underlying each of the 17 SDGs, More information