Dr. Abdul Waheed

Affiliated researcher

Currently, Dr. Abdul Waheed is assistant professor at UCP Business School of University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He completed his PhD degree in 2012 from UNU-MERIT, The Netherlands under the supervision of Bart Verspagen. Dr. Waheed also holds master's degree in "Econometrics and Mathematical Economics" from Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Throughout his academic career, he obtained many prestigious scholarships from different organizations of Pakistan.

Dr. Waheed's research interest revoloves around Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He is keen to interact the concepts of strategic management and economics with the notions of innovation and entrepreneurship. His research work has been published in many pretigious journals of the respective fields.  

Dr. Waheed has been involved in many activities of improving and overhauling courses and research culture in UCP Business School and in launching new courses at graduate, MS and PhD level. He was member of the program review committee, responsible for looking after and policy directions of the school's MS and PhD level programs. He was also instrumental in developing reserch culture within the school as coordinator research thematic group. 

Many students completed their MS theses under his supervision in the area of innovation and strategy. He is also supervising PhD students in addition to current MS students, in the area of innovation, strategy, knowledge managment, entreprenurship, alliances, etc. He is also involved in conducting research workshops on data analysis.

Selected publications by Abdul Waheed

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Hussain, Rana Tanveer & Abdul Waheed, 2019, Strategic Resource and Firm Performance: An Application of the Resource Based View, Lahore Journal of Business, 7(2): 59-94
Mudassar, Afaf & Abdul Waheed, 2018, The Impact of Remittances on Agricultural Growth and Poverty Alleviation of Least Developed Countries, Paradigms: A Research Journal of Commerce, Economics, and Social Sciences, 12(2): 15-21
Waheed, Abdul, 2017, The Employment Effect of Innovation: Evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan, The Pakistan Development Review, 56(2)
Waheed, Abdul, 2017, Innovation and Firm-Level Productivity: Evidence from Bangladesh, The Developing Economies, 55(4): 290-314
Syed, A. M., Z. Riaz & Abdul Waheed, 2016, Innovation, Firm Performance and Riskiness: Evidence from the Leading Worldwide Innovative Firms, International Journal of Innovation Management, 20(7)
Waheed, Abdul, 2012, Why Developing Countries are Lesser Innovators, International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, 6(7)

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Waheed, Abdul, 2011, Size, competition, and innovative activities: a developing world perspective, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2011-052