Dr. Tatevik Poghosyan

Affiliated Researcher

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation
4. Governance and institutions

Before joining UNU-MERIT in 2009, Tatevik Poghosyan studied Economics at Tsukuba University in Japan. She was granted the Japanese Government Scholarship for her post graduate studies in Japan. Her work experience prior to joining UNU MERIT includes research conducted  at the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance  in Armenia,  lectures  at the universities in Armenia,  teaching a microeconomics course at the World Bank Graduate program at Tsukuba University , and work experience in the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs in Armenia. 

She is working on her thesis "How does the network structure affect firm performance and innovation incentives in transition countries? The case of Armenia" supervised by Prof. Robin Cowen and David O'Brien. During her PhD, Tatevik conducted the "Firm's Innovation and Collaboration" survey in Armenia, which was the first survey on the innovation of firms conducted in Armenia. The pilot stage of this survey was conducted in collaboration with World Bank and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia under the scope of the Innovation Readiness Project. She received a research award in 2013 from International Development Research Center (IDRC) in Canada. As the IDRC awardee she conducted her individual research, and also was responsible for the coordination and implementation of the projects carried out by IDRC's Science and Innovation division. She was invited as a guest lecturer at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at Carleton University, Canada.

Educational Background
2009-2019 - PhD Candidate in Economics and Technological Change at UNU-MERIT
2007-2009 - Master's degree in Economics. Tsukuba University, Japan
1999-2001 - Master's degree in Political Science. Department of International Relations, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia
1999-2001- Master's degree in Public Administration. School of Public Administration, Yerevan, Armenia
1995-1999 - BA in Philosophy and Sociology. Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

Professional Experience
2013-2014 - Research award Recipient at International Development Research Center (IDRC), Involved in 3 main projects:

  • Science granting councils;
  • IDRC/Social Science and Humanities research council joint initiative- International Partnership for sustainable Societies;
  • International Research initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change

2010- Expert on Firm's Innovation at "AM Partners" Consulting Group
2010- Lecturer in Microeconomics at "Gladzor" University, Armenia
2011- Teaching Assistant in Macroeconomics at Maastricht University, the Netherlands
2009- Teaching Assistant in Microeconomics at Tsukuba University, Japan
2006-2007- Exchange Researcher  at Tsukuba University, Japan
2005-2006- Junior Researcher at Economic Research Institute, Armenia

The study examines the case of Armenia's economic transformation during the process of transition focusing on the changes in firm's board member network and its impact on the firm performance.  In this study, we plan to answer the following questions by studying post-privatization Armenia: (1) does corporate network affect industry output? (2) How inter-firm collaboration enable the firm to innovate and to learn? (3) Does sharing board member make collaboration more likely? Answering these questions will deepen our understanding of the roles of non-market mechanisms in the economy where firms face political, economic, institutional uncertainties, without much knowledge and experience of market economy.

The study examines the impact of board member network on the performance of Armenian corporations in the post privatization period. The empirical analysis will test whether the embeddedness of firms in the network structure affect firm's performance and innovative activity, utilizing firm level  panel data for the period of 2000-2010.

Selected publications by Tatevik Poghosyan