Migration Management Diploma Programme (MMDP)

The Migration Management Diploma Programme (MMDP) is a three-month course designed for practitioners and civil servants working in the field of migration and/or asylum run by UNU-MERIT/School of Governance. The programme aims to build capacity of those working in the field of migration but is also available to those who would like to upgrade their knowledge in the field. The programme includes three courses:

  1. Migration management and protection
  2. Migration and development
  3. Migration policy

Classes within MMDP are provided by world renowned scholars and practitioners on a range of issues relating to migration. Moreover the MMDP aims to provide a platform for networking through field trips across Europe including a tour of Dutch Ministries in The Hague, EU institutions in Brussels, the UN and other intergovernmental agencies in Geneva, and Schiphol airport.

MMDP is sponsored by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and Swiss Development Cooperation as well as other organisations that sponsor students in the programme. MMDP scholarships are offered to government officials from 40 developing countries with at least three years’ experience in the field of migration and/or asylum. The programme is also open to practitioners and students interested in migration issues that do not qualify for scholarships.

More information about our programme can be found in the latest brochure. Applicants can register for the MMDP and apply for a scholarship  via the online application form. The deadline for application is 16 January, 2017.

For any queries please email us:mmdp@maastrichtuniversity.nl