Gregor Bierhals

Research group(s):
3. Economic Development, Innovation, Governance and Institutions

Gregor Bierhals, a German national, joined UNU-MERIT as a research-fellow in the beginning of August 2009. He is momentarily involved in the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR)-project that is managed by UNU-MERIT's  Collaborative Creativity Group (CCG) and he will be part of other CCG projects after the OSOR-project is finished at the end of 2009. Gregor has a strong interest in science and technology. He obtained a Master's degree in Media and Culture  of Maastricht University. His Master thesis focused on innovative ways for museums to interact with younger generations and improve relations with and participation of visitors through Web 2.0 and social networking websites. Before joining UNU-MERIT, Gregor gained some practical experience at the Frauenhofer-institute in Karlsruhe.