Muhammad Shafique
PhD fellow

Research group(s):
1. The Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Muhammad Shafique joined UNU-MERIT as PhD fellow in 2008. He has earned MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School with focus on strategic management. Earlier, he has also attained an MBA from Pakistan. He holds many academic distinctions and honours including two presidential awards of academic excellence from the Government of Pakistan.
His research interests span the economics and sociology of knowledge and industrial dynamics. The objective of his research is to understand the principal mechanisms through which these domains interact and fuel innovation and technological change. He is exploring the idea that technological change manifests in the emergence of "technological hotspots" in the global technology space and corresponding shifts in the locus of activity within the techno-economic system. Accordingly, his research is scaffolded by evolutionary systems theory, network theory, and related perspectives.

Muhammad is working on the dissertation titled “Essays on the role of knowledge, R&D, and technology-based firms in the evolution of socio-techno-economic system” under the supervision of Prof. John Hagedoorn. His research is expected to contribute in the areas of technological forecasting, technology strategy, and innovation policy.

Selected publications by Muhammad Shafique