Shuan SadreGhazi


Research group(s):
2. Social Protection, Inclusive Innovation and Development
4. Sustainable Development, Innovation and Societal Transitions

Shuan's academic interests lay primarily in innovation management and business strategy with a special focus on their application for  development. His current research aims at studying the innovation process of private sector and their strategies to enhance diffusion of new products and services in low-income markets, with positive development impact. His PhD research was titled  "Managing Innovation in the Bottom of the Pyramid : Analyzing Inclusive Business Strategies".

For his study on innovations for low-income markets, Shuan conducted an extensive fieldwork in rural India and China. He has worked with a number of European Multinationals on their inclusive business initiatives. With the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets initiative, he served as a research fellow responsible for case studies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a visiting researcher at Tsinghua University's "Sustainable Innovation" group, he studied the approach of Chinese firms regarding innovation for low-income/rural markets.

Shuan conducted his doctoral studies at UNU-MERIT PhD program on Innovation Studies and Development. He holds an M.Sc. in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology  (Sweden) and received his B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. In addition, he has participated in various international programs at the UC Berkeley (USA), Max Planck Institute (Germany), Uni. St.Gallen (Switzerland), Globelics Academy (Portugal & Finland) and the UN University (Japan). He teaches courses on Social Entrepreneurship, BoP innovation, Emerging Markets and International Business Strategy.

Shuan is a member of the UN Global Compact Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) working group, that aims at enhancing management education on poverty alleviation. He has been an invited speaker for a number of seminars and workshops on Pro-Poor Innovation, Inclusive Business, Emerging Markets  and CSR.

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Keywords:  Base of the Pyramid, Pro-Poor Innovation, Diffusion of Innovation, Inclusive Business, Inclusive Development, Frugal Innovation, Emerging Markets, India, China

Selected publications by Shuan SadreGhazi